Friday, April 24, 2009

Horse Field Trip ~ Part 2

After we learned about grooming the horses and learned a little bit about each horse in the stables, we moved to station 2. Station 2 was a craft station that Candi came up with in order to keep the children busy while they waited for the next station. It consisted of coloring sheets of horses for coloring, stencils and pencils for tracing and horse or cowboy stamps and stamp pads. It worked out well. We came up with stations in order to make the field trip work with so many children. Some of the moms from the group helped the children during this time. Mrs. Sam had set up three tables for us under a covered area which provided some shade and she had a toy box there that the family's children use when they are there so our kids enjoyed them too.


Stenciling table and coloring table
Station 3 was the riding of the horses. Of course, this is what all of the children were looking forward to doing. They had five horses going at one time and each child got to go around twice.
We're following the leader, the leader, the leader;
We're following the leader where ever he may go!

Kids waiting to ride.

Mrs. Sam was in the black shirt. She is the one who graciously opened up the stables to our children. She is getting ready to lead Cai on his horse.

Let's go!

Cai coming back around.

Cowboy Tate
He let out a "yee haw" and waived his hat as he went around!

Cowboy Cade

Cowboy Ian

Cowboy Abram without a hat.
We only have three cowboy hats:( It didn't bother him because he knows one day it will be too little for one of them and then he'll get one.

I just love this little dude's smile. He can melt my heart with it!

This is Taryn.
She was officially 35 weeks pregnant yesterday with twin boys. Yes, she is ready but thankful that she has been able to continue to carry them this long. They will be here before we know it!

Sweet Ella
She came to hang out at the field trip yesterday to begin her homeschooling journey. At 6 months of age, she sat up on the horse for the first time. Amy and Ella were not in my group so I missed a chance of capturing it on camera.


They look like naturals out there. I think they could handle a ranch but would they like the work that goes along with it along with all of their other duties. Hmmmmmmmm...I think not!
After the field trip, we headed over to Candi's house for lunch. The parents brought sack lunches for the kids and dessert for all to share while Candi and I provided lunch for all of the adults. We decided on a Mexican theme. We had tacos, homemade refried black beans, rice, salsa, guacamole, Rotel dip, chips and all of the fixins that go along with tacos. It was yummy!
Thanks Candi for opening your home to everyone. There was a lot of people but overall it went very well. She did a great job of having everything out and ready for us . The stables were behind her house so she left a few minutes early to set up. Check her blog for more pictures from yesterday.

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Jenn said...

You took some great pics, Amy!! It was such a beautiful day for the FT also. Glad it went well!