Tuesday, May 5, 2009

365 - 125



Candi said...

cool shot...especially with the trailer in the background

Tracy said...

How dare they fill up a Pearlu caldron!!! Man! I hope it has a GIANT crack on the other side! LOL

Nice shot!

Anonymous said...

I like the wagon in the background.... draws your eye into the picture

And what is Tracy talking about?

Amy said...

I'm no sure what she's talking about. Maybe she explain if she gets the follow -up comments??!!

Jenn said...

Great shot. I love the wagon!!

Tracy said...

Pearlu is a giant pot of Chicken and Rice you cook over a fire in the yard, in a black cauldron. Aren't you people from the south? LOL!

We always have it at our family reunions in North Florida! It is soooo good!