Monday, May 4, 2009

Sarah's 1st Birthday Party

Saturday we had Sarah's 1st birthday party while we were in WM visiting family. We planned a Strawberry Shortcake party for my little shortcake. It turned out very cute. It is nice being able to pick girly themes for parties now since we have had may boy themes. My aunt is a PE teacher at a middle school in town. She gets her students to make decorations for all of the parties. We used to get some made by the art class but they have been busy for some of the birthdays. Her students enjoy this because it gets them out of class! She does the whole party which includes the decorations, food and favors while my mom provides the cakes and balloons. It's a pretty good deal for us because we just show up and enjoy. Thank you so much Aunt Pat and Momma!!

This was on the front door when you walked in to my aunt's house.

Sarah's big cake

Sarah's personal cake

This turned out to be one of the cutest cakes that the bakery has done for us. We use the same one every time. They have delicious cakes!

More decorations around my aunt's house.

My mom, Sarah and Rob eating lunch.
We had a large chicken combo tray, chips with French onion dip and Rotel along with fruit for lunch. Plus, cake and ice cream for dessert.

Mimi (My dad's wife), Grandma Peggy, Cade, and Poppy (my dad) eating lunch.

The kids playing outside in the backyard after lunch.

Grace (Mimi's granddaughter) and Abram playing

This is how Sarah felt when all of her siblings kept trying to help her instead of leaving her alone. Poor birthday girl!

She liked her pink ball from Uncle Herbie.

Looking in the bag.
She put her face in the bag first before she realized she was supposed to pull something out.

Getting her present

Playing with her ladybug and caterpillar cars.

This was her favorite gift.
She loved the box of crayons. She just kept chewing on the box!

Her new Raggedy Ann doll

Sitting in Nana's lap playing with her balloons.

Tate sleeping through the festivities.
He wasn't feeling good so he went to another room and went to sleep. Turns out he had eaten too many donuts for breakfast at Aunt Pat's house.
Going for her cake!
She was a ery neat eater considering all of our other children. She didn't want to dig into the cake but was pretty neat.

She wouldn't have much to do with the cake until we gave her a fork.

Finally getting some after some us put some in her mouth.

That's about as messy as she got at the end.

Aunt Pat


Sarah after she was cleaned up and outside.
It was a lovely day. The weather was great and we had lots of fun with our family.


The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday Miss Sarah!!! Wow, what a party it looks like it was lots of fun!

Tracy said...

So cute! Happy B-day Sarah!

I loved Strawberry Shortcake (glad you used the old version!)
I got a watch for my 8th b-day!

Candi said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! I can't believe our girls are already 1 (or almost 1). I love the last picture of her. I have a feeling Micah is going to get way messier than her.

FYI...the word verification I had to enter was eanglob...I just read it as Ian Glob...made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Loved the cakes!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!! Cute decorations.I love Strawberry shortcake!