Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Visitor

After everyone woke up from their nap, they returned outside to play. I was trying to feed our children a quick early supper and have the other children's stuff ready for their father when he came because we were having to leave as soon as Rob got home to head to DS to sign the paperwork for our purchase agreement. I was changing Sarah's stinky diaper when Caleb ran in saying there's a snake! Not again:( I grab the camera, put Sarah down, threw her shorts on the couch and ran outside to see what was going on. They showed me where it was so I told them to all move and go back to the patio area while Cade was instructed to go get me the hoe and shovel. Of course, the children didn't listen and the snake started slithering away to a spot that was not very easy for me to attack. Instead we watched it, followed it for a short time and took pictures of it.

We think this was a nonpoisonous water snake. If the children would have obeyed, he would have been a dead snake!!
Do any of you know what kind of snake this is?
BTW, it threw my afternoon off so I was not ready when AJ came to pick up the children or when Rob came home from work. Can't find those shorts that Sarah was wearing either! I know I threw them on the couch but they are not there any more and we can't seem to find them any where. Do you see what these snakes are doing to me?
They need to stay down in the woods by the water (which is drying up due to our hot weather...could be an issue for them) but not so close to my house. Rob said they might be trying to find a place to lay eggs or something. I'm OK with turtle eggs not snake eggs and not close to my house. I told him maybe our f*rtility was passing off to our critters! Just kidding...they're just doing what they were made to do:)


Jenn said...

Couldn't tell you what kind it is. They are all EVIL to me though!! You have lots of critters at your house that I am glad I don't have at mine.

Tracy said...


Katie said...

You're brave! I'm way too scared of those creepy things to have hunted it down!

Cynthia said...

It's a Southern Louisiana Chicken snake a.k.a Texas Rat snake. They look the same. It is not poisonous and preys mostly on rodents & mice, although if rodents or mice are not available this snake will then go after eggs, young chicks, and birds. Since my dad is raising range chickens, he is not a big fan of this snake.

One way that I've found helpful to tell if a snake is poisonous is the shape of it's head....that is, if you get close enough to see it. A Viper or poisonous snake has a triangular (or "V" for Viper) shaped head.

Hope this helps!!!