Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tepee Fort

Yesterday I had four of my friend's children due to the fact that her baby has been in the hospital since Thursday night. Do you remember the group picture of the 11 kids ages 9 and under? Those are the same children who were at my house yesterday. It was a very busy day but Cade and Tate actually got all of their school work finished while Ian got most of his done for the day. While Tate, Cai, Abram, Emma, Sarah, Katie and Elijah were taking afternoon naps the others were creative.
Cade, Ian and Caleb went out in the backyard and built a tepee fort. They came in and wanted Kaylyn and I to come and see it. Cade said, "Momma, grab your camera!"

Cade, Caleb and Ian showing me their fort.

This is the back side.

Ian and Caleb in the tepee.

Cade and Caleb in the tepee.

A Caleb size tepee
Thought this was a cute picture of Caleb.
While the boys were out building their tepee, Kaylyn was inside helping me. Her mother was one of the ladies responsible for dessert for Ladies Bible Study tonight so we made it for her in her stead. Especially since her son, Zechariah, is still in the hospital. They may or may not be able to come home today. It had been a day to day thing. Pray for baby Zechariah as he is only 2 months old and for their family while they go through this trial.

Kaylyn stirring the toffee filling for the Toffee Bars.

Licking the spoon and the empty pot.

Pouring the chocolate chips on top to melt for the chocolate topping.

Thank you Kaylyn for helping make dessert for bible study. The ladies will enjoy them.


Jenn said...

Busy day I'm sure, but seems the kiddos had a great time!

8)(8 said...

The kids teepee fort is really nice. Maybe they should build a big one and grow vines over it.