Monday, May 11, 2009

Friend or Foe?

At little after 3 PM on Saturday afternoon (after I put the kids down for naps), I hear a scream and then knocking at the front down. Rob and Cade were still working in the backyard while Ian was blowing the leaves off the driveway. I got up from the computer and ran to the door. It was Ian and he jumped in the house. "Momma, I just saw a black snake slither in the garage behind the garbage can," said Ian. I grabbed my camera and we ran out the back door to get Rob. Since Rob was at home and could take care of this issue, I felt I could photograph this event. Praise the Lord that Rob was at home!!
Rob grabbed his shovel and hoe from the storage room because it was open in the back and closed the door from the garage so the snake would not crawl in there. We walked around the house to the garage to check out the situation.
Rob moved the first garbage can out but no snake. He moved the second garbage can out and again no snake. I told him it might be a good idea to move our vehicles out of the garage in case he decides to run across the garage so Cade got Daddy's keys and Rob moved the truck.

Once the truck was gone, I noticed the part of the snake behind the old water can that holds their outside shoes which was next to where the garbage cans were. Rob then moved the 3 drawer toy storage bin off to the side.

I walked over slowly and took this picture for you!

As Rob started to try and kill the snake, it crawled off the other way behind the bin out toward us out of the garage.

Rob attacked it several time with the shovel.

Now, Rob is carrying the dying snake out of the garage and towards us in the driveway.

The dying snake in the driveway.

This the snake letting us know he is not happy with what is happening!

Poor Ian...he had the pleasure of cleaning up the blood in the garage from the snake.

I should have had it on video so you could have heard the sound. He kept saying ugh, ugh, ugh. He had on rubber gloves, a bucket of water and a rag. I guess you find the clean up after the snake.
I have to tell you that the turtle and eggs was nice but the snake at one of my front doors and in my garage is NOT. I don't like them but I am OK with them in the woods but not that close to my space!!
BTW, we have determined that we think this was a water moccasin!
What will be next?
UPDATE: We know think that this was not a water moccasin but a water snake of some kind. Unfortunately for the snake, it doesn't really matter to me because a snake is a snake!!


Tracy said...

FOE!!! I vote FOE!
YUCK! and I don't care what it made the mistake of coming to your house!

Jenn said...

Definitely FOE!!! I don't like snakes period!! That was one BIG snake too!!