Monday, May 11, 2009


Saturday around mid to late morning, the boys were outside with me pulling weeds. Then our neighbors came out to work in their yard. We told them about the turtle and showed them the eggs and the boys decided to go help them cut down limbs and stuff. Rob had been gone to bible study and then to show our house before coming home. Upon his arrival, he found the boys helping Mr. David and Mrs. Ann. Rob was going to work out in the backyard as well so he changed and made his way out there. Mr. David and Rob tried to clear some limbs out of one of our large oak tree that has been there since Hurricane Gustav. This was not very successful and I think Rob is going to end up climbing up and using his chain saw. Should have took pictures but I was sitting out in the heat with the girls and hadn't gotten motivated yet!
Then, Rob moved toward the back part of the property line and helped Mr. David and Mrs. Ann cut down one of the trees that was blocking the back trail that runs behind our house in our neighborhood while the boys continued to work on cutting anything they could get to. Mrs. Ann gave each one a pair of snippers to work with so they were very excited and ready for the task at hand.

Sarah played in the car and ate rocks while the boys worked.

Oh my! It's too hot out here!

Abram smiling as usual.

Cai was checking something out or taking a break...not sure.

Cade cutting away.

Ian and Tate hard at work.

Rob with his safety goggles.

Mr. David, Rob, and Mrs. Ann working on the tree.

Emma and Mrs. Ann
Emma came to sit by Mrs. Ann while she was taking a break. They were sitting on a big log.

Hard to see it clearly but Rob is pulling a large vine out of a tree.
It was one of those heavy duty swinging vines.

The pile of debris from the tree they were working on.
There is still lots of work to do back there all due to Hurricane Gustav in which a tornado came through ripping up trees all along the houses back there. It is going to take some time to get it all done. The previous owners of our house had already moved out of the house before the hurricane so the back of the yard was just left the way it was however many of the neighbors have not cleared out their yards either.

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Jenn said...

And Saturday was a HOT day to be working!!! Hopefully y'all can get it done soon before it is just SMOTHERING out there!