Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Work and Play in WM

When we go to WM, Rob and the kids sometimes have work to do for others as part of our visit. Friday they helped in Grandma Peggy's yard. They helped clean out some old wood that Rob's Papaw has had for years along with cleaning out one of the big round flowerbeds. This was a good day since Nana (my mom), Aunt Pat, Uncle Herbie and Poppy (My dad) were all at work.

Rob cleaning off a small trailer that his grandfather had made. We brought it back to pull behind our mower in order to a haul things from the yard.

Cai and Tate

They got to play some as well in between the work.

I had to include one of Cai smiling.

Cade and Ian carry an old wooden door to the pile at the road.

Tate with his wimpy load!
He did come back and carry other stuff. These pictures represent a small portion of the kids work.

Cai grabbed a handful.

Emma had just woke up from her nap.
Sarah was still napping all of the work.

Cade carrying an old wooden box.

Ian had him a heavy load.

Ian and Cai putting their stuff on the pile by the road.

Working in the flowerbed.
Check out the wheelbarrow...that was just part of it. They had just gotten started.

Grandma Peggy (Rob's mom) giving instructions to the children.

Cai is busy back there.

Cade hard at work.
That afternoon Rob took Cade, Ian and Tate out to our land to shoot guns. I stayed with the other children so I didn't get pictures of their adventure. Then we went to Aunt Pat's for supper. That night Cade and Cai spent the night with Nana while Ian, Tate and Abram stayed with Aunt Pat. The boys that stayed with Aunt Pat helped her dust and clean off her patio for the party the next day.
Saturday we had Sarah's birthday party at my aunt's house. That afternoon I went shopping with Aunt Pat and Uncle Herbie while Rob, Cade, Ian and Tate hung out with my Dad aka Poppy shooting our new BB gun in the backyard.
Sunday we went to church and then ate lunch with my family before heading back home. We always cram so much into just a couple of days when we go visit. We got back home in time to eat supper and go to bed.

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Tracy said...

looks like they got a lot done!