Monday, May 4, 2009

WM Visitor

Friday morning after they finished working we found this visitor under our van in the driveway. Not sure if it is a lizard or a skink or something else. If you know, please share! It was much larger than most lizards I have seen but was a different color than the skinks I have seen. Very curious. Take a look and see if you know the answer for me. I got different shots so you can get a good look at our visitor.

Can't wait to hear from those of you who may be knowledgeable in this area.
What is this creature?


Candi said...

might be a newt or salamander

Tracy said...

most likely a Skink...looks like the one you and I saw on the trail! (they bite!)

Jenn said...

Couldn't tell ya....sorry

If my kids asked I would probably say a skink or salamander

Katie said...

this looks like the one we have around our house. I had no idea what it was, either, until I read the comments!

You got some nice shots of it!