Tuesday, June 23, 2009

365 - 174


On top of our neighbors house...post coming soon this week.

Tracy, I told you I was on a food kick this week for pictures but she is not included!! Several of the other pictures for the week are indeed food except for my water assignment.


Katie said...

yikes! doesn't that raccoon know it's not supposed to be there?!

Chelle said...

Yikes...those things can be vicious. I am glad he is not on my roof. :)

Tracy said...

Yea, right you KNOW she was your dinner tonight! And you could have shot WATERmelon! LOL

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's after all those food pictures you are posting!

Cool shot!

Jenn said...

A little too close for comfort for me. They can be mean. At least the one I saw was at a park FAR away from my house.