Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Little to Brave for Me

Saturday evening after our long day of VBS, Rob and Cade were out working while our other kids were over at the neighbor's house next door. Their two year old granddaughter was visiting so they were playing.
Cade had said he saw a raccoon around their house and watched her climb up their house the previous weekend when he was feeding their cats while they went out of town. I tried to get a picture but she always ran away too fast. We had seen her run across our yard a few times as well. However while everyone was outside she decided to make an appearance.

Can you see her peeking through the bushes?

There she is!
This is at the neighbor's house.

She ran off and came into our yard because she kept coming to drink from the sprinklers while Rob was testing them. She ran away before I could get a picture of her actually drinking.

She decided to come back to the neighbor's house. Can you believe it? There are kids playing who aren't quiet and the neighbor had Cajun music playing on his front porch.

See...they were right there during daylight. We were standing there in their driveway and low and behold she came around on their roof right in front of their house where we were.

She looked at us and just kept walking.

Then, she came down and came around to the front porch where we were at.

See how close we were.

Everyone watching her eating the cat food.

Grabbing some more food.

Still eating.

She finally decided to leave.
I finally got my pictures of that coon but didn't know I would have an entire photo session with her! She must be very used to people. The kids were instructed not to try and pet her. They just watched and enjoyed the experience. Glad she doesn't climb on our house. The neighbors say they hear her all the time on their roof. They think she is pregnant but I'm sure.
Wonder what we will she next?


Chelle said...

How exciting!!!! She is very brave.

Jenn said...

I think I would have to set a coon trap up!

jessicadyer said...

They have claws like razors - be very careful