Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Volcano Alert!

Today, we read about Mount Vesuvius as part of our continued study of the Romans. In the book, Classical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome, it had instructions on how to make a simple volcano for the children. We have not done a project with our history studies in quite a while. My friend, Candi, on the other hand has been doing a lot. You should check out her blog for some of the things we have been studying that they actually did hands on. She is good at doing projects and I have to just have one of those days. Why today was one of them I don't know especially since I have a sick little girl who keeps throwing up and has had to have two baths already today. Not sure!! Maybe it made me think of a volcano experience;)(Side note: Girls throwing up is worst than boys throwing up especially dealing with long hair versus short hair!!) Anyway, we did this project today.

This is our volcano.

I know it is not pretty or attractive but none the less it did the job.

The beginning of the eruption.

More "lava" flowing

The kids enjoyed watching this but were expecting it to shoot up in the air and be really messing. Sorry to disappoint but it did teach them a simple process of a volcano!


Chelle said...

My boys love to do projects like that!

Jenn said...

What a fun project! Love that green lava!

Cinnamon said...

What fun you are all having. School is so much more fun when it's hands on. What creative ideas you have. Thanks for sharing.