Monday, June 22, 2009


Final Update!
Just wanted to let you know that we closed on our other home today. We are officially not responsible for it any longer! YEAH!!!! Glad that it is all over with and that it didn't take that long considering we put it on the market in April.
It is a little sad because this was the house that Rob and I built together during our 1st year of marriage. We had 7 children in that home which made for many memories.
That being said, our new house is finally starting to feel like "home" as we continue to do things to it to make it "ours". I am looking forward to many years and lots of new memories in our new home.
May the Lord bless our new home and may we serve and honor Him in it. May it be a place where is name is proclaimed and lifted up for all who may come in.


Tracy said...

Awesome! Wish ours was a great story like that...that's what we are used to. I guess God wants to teach us some things!

Katie said...

HOORAY!!! I'm sure it is bittersweet, though. And glad to hear home is feeling like home!

Jenn said...

I can only imagine how it felt to leave that house. We built this house and it would be hard for me to leave too.

It won't take long with that bunch of yours to get your house being a "home sweet home"!