Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tate & Abram's Party ~ Part 1

This past weekend we went to WM to visit our family. While we were there, we celebrated Tate and Abram's birthday with the family. Their theme was a cowboy birthday. Once again, my aunt had her students make cowboy pictures before they got out for the summer. We always have to pick a theme before they get out of school so she can get the students to make the decorations in time. Here are some decoration and food pictures:

Here is their cake with horses and cowboy hats.

Fixings for tacos.
We had tacos, rotel, pizza, and fruit etc. Tate asked for pizza and Abram wanted tacos so my aunt did both. She must love these boys.

Sheriff Abram

Yummy pizza!
Only Johnny's when we are in town. This is my favorite...Sweep the Kitchen:)

She ordered way too much but it was good. We had Sweep, Hamburger, Canadian Bacon, and Pepperoni.
The food was great! The next post has pictures of the party and opening presents. BTW, I forgot my camera for the weekend. Can you believe it? I remembered after we got too far from the house to turn around and go back. No camera for the entire weekend:( However, thanks to my Aunt Pat because she borrowed a camera for me from her friend, Mrs. Price.
Thanks Mrs.Price!!


8)(8 said...

Happy Birthday to the boys!

Micki said...

That's neat that your aunt's students draw decorations for the party, and might I say, they did a great job! All the food looks really yummy! Those guys sure had some great parties!

Jenn said...

The decorations turned out so good. And that pizza...well it looks mighty yummy!! I love a good, thick crust like that.

Tracy said...

YUM and fun! Looked great and yummy!