Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Homeschool Q & A ~ 1

Disclaimer: This is just how it works in our house and doesn't mean it is the only way for other families. Family size, make-up (such as the birth order of your children's gender), age difference in your children, and parent's personalities play an important role in how things will work best for your family.
A friend of mine sent me an email asking a lot of questions and asked if I would consider answering them and posting them for her and other readers. I thought about it and decided if I was going to take the time to type the answers anyway then I mind as well post them too. I will probably have several post as I have not answered all of her questions yet but will try to answer some as I get a chance. Here we go:
1. What time do you and the kids get up and get started with the day? Do you have your kids 'hit the ground running' -- immediately start school work or chores when they wake-up or do you lounge around a while?

My children are allowed to come out of their rooms at 6:45 am no earlier. Most of them are awake and up by this time. We go ahead and “hit the ground running”. Each child's books are out and in their own pile with their weekly schedule folder on top. This way they can turn to the week and day and see what is required for that day. If we are having a quick breakfast such as cereal, pecan spinwheels, muffins that have already been made, etc, then they will eat breakfast first and then start their work. If I am cooking a breakfast that takes longer such as cinnamon rolls, orange Danishes, or eggs and bacon then they will start on their work while I am cooking. This applies to each child that can read and do most of these things with little help from Momma during this time such as spelling, math, handwriting, and grammar. I do give some instructions during this time as well. This is not for anything that requires a sit down lesson with mom! Once they finish breakfast, they have to wash their hands and face, get dressed, make-up their beds, brush their teeth and help clean up the kitchen. Then, we pick right back up with our school stuff. Around 9 AM at least three days a week, we sit down for our Morning Worship time together. Once that is over, we pick back up again. This is when I will start doing any one-on-one work with each child. We also have our Tapestry time where I sit and read with the children as well. Typically, we try to be done by noon however that is not always the case. Each year gets a little more difficult as I add another child to formal learning time. We always have to adjust and sometimes it takes a few weeks once we begin the year.
2. Do you require all schoolwork for the day be completed before play?

No, they tend to have play time or “getting energy out time” during the times in which I am working one-on-one with someone if they are finished with their other work.


Tracy said...

I agree...whatever works for you your family! :)

Jenn said...

Sounds like you have it under control!!