Tuesday, September 22, 2009

365* - 265


Chocolate Assignment!

This was our breakfast this morning! I made Whole Wheat Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins served with chocolate milk. The kids love them. They say they taste like brownies for breakfast:) Side note: I made them with Special Dark chocolate chips. Yummy!

[If you decide to make the recipe, I did not follow the instructions! I mixed all of the dry ingredients together then all of the liquid together. I added the liquid to the dry ingredients, stirred together, and then added the chocolate chips (a whole bag for a double batch). I found that this actually seem to take less time and they turned out good.]

Bonus:Sarah after her breakfast.

Can you tell she enjoyed them?


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Anonymous said...

Now I am hungry! They look good.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Starr

Jenn said...

Those sound yummy!! Chocolate for breakfast...I'm for that. :) Sarah sure did like them. What a mess!