Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Birthday Surprise

Saturday evening we went out to dinner for a A Birthday Dinner Surprise for some friends of ours at a local Cajun restaurant. Mrs. Starr's husband is turning a monumental age this Thursday. I won't tell his age so you'll have to see if she post it on her blog on his birthday! She arranged for some friends to meet them out for dinner. Mrs. Starr made reservations for all of us and reserved their back room for the party. It was a lot of fun. We got there a little early so we could surprise Mr. Ronnie when he walked in. Most of the families brought their children with them but my mom was in town for the weekend and offered to watch ours for us so we could go out just the two of us. (Very rare occurrence!!)

Mrs. Starr and her family starting to walk in the room.Mr. Ronnie and the rest of their crew coming in. He looked really surprised when he walked in and we all yelled, "SURPRISE!" Pastor Dale, Mr. Ronnie, and his oldest son, SamuelRob and I Mr. Ronnie and Mrs. Starr Some pics of all us at the table(s).
His cake Singing "Happy Birthday"



Cinnamon said...

What a cute picture of you and hubby~ Such sweet smiles. Yes it's a rare occasion here too, to be able to go out just the two of us.


Jenn said...

How sweet! I am just very excited you and your hubby were able to get out by yourselves. I know that was nice!!!