Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

On Labor Day, we had a church scavenger hunt. We paired individuals and families together as teams. This was a great way for everyone to get to know others even better. Below is the list that we had to look for and take pictures of for points. After the list I put some pictures from our group. It was a lot of fun and everyone had a great time. Everyone brought finger foods and dessert and we stayed for dinner and looked at each team's pictures.
Scavenger Hunt Items:

5 Point Items (easy items)
3 team members by a BREC park sign
2 team members by a stop sign
4 team members with a mannequin
Team member with someone with an LSU shirt on
Team member with someone with an orange shirt on
3 team members on a staircase
Team member on a slide
Team member at a bus stop
Team member with an encyclopedia
Someone on a bicycle
Team member with a uniformed store clerk
3 team members with a bouquet of flowers
Team member blowing a bubble

10 Point Items (a little harder items)
Team member with a horse
5 team members with a fighter jet
Entire team in front of a store
3 team members with an alligator
5 team members in a soccer goal
10 pts – 4 team members by a library sign
Team member on a riding lawn mower
2 team members sitting on lawn furniture
Team member by a water fountain
Team member by a refrigerator
Team member with a person with a grey beard
4 team members on the same bench (pretend like you love one another!)

15 Point Items (more challenging items)
Team member with an emergency worker
2 team members on a stump
Team member at a pay phone
Team member trying on a cowboy hat
Team member with an American flag
A red Mustang
Team member in a boat
5 team members by a statue
2 team members with a football player

20 Point Items (most challenging)
4 team members with the Klienpeter Dairy Cow
20 pts – Team member by a stain glass window

Picture with an alligator Picture with a statue Picture with a soccer goal With a slide With an emergency worker With a mannequin on a stump with a water fountain blowing a bubble with a stop sign with an American flag with a cowboy hat person on a bike

This is our oldest member of our church. We went to her house for some of our items and she was a trooper and got on the bike for us to make it special. She is close to 90 years old. in a boat on a bus stop

What did you do on Labor Day?


Tracy said...

Great job! Sorry I couldn't help....we were in the middle of MOVING, literally! Came out great and looks like loads of fun!

You didn't say who won?

Anonymous said...

What fun!

Jenn said...

Now that sounds like lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...

It was a lot of fun.

Taryn said...

Yes, that was a lot of fun!!!