Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maze Part 3 ~ Pig Races

Now it is time for the Pig Races! Just another activity you can enjoy at the Cajun Corn Maze.

Tate and Jonah were picked for this one. The person whose pig wins gets a pig nose and the rest of the kids get a sucker. As you can see, Jonah's pig won!

He said, "Oink!" Here is one of the races! Off they go. This cute little brown pig was far behind but he was so cute! He was my favorite. Wished I would have gotten a better picture of him than just his back side. For the last race, four children were picked along with their mom to participate. The team with the winning pig got a pig nose while the team whose pig came in last gets to kiss that pig to keep it from crying! Off they go! The losing pig Our friend, Becky, kissing the pig because he was the last pig to finish the race! Yes, she really kissed the pig. Whose worried about the swine flu;)

Coming soon...Part 4 ~Playing at the Corn Maze

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