Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maze Part 4 ~ Playing

While at the Corn Maze there was lots for the kids to do. They played for a long time never getting bored from lack of activities.

This was the duck races. It was PVC pipes cut in half with water pumps on the ends. You pump the water to get your little duck to the other end.

See the ducks...some aren't faring very well! Two giant slides

One had PVC pipes all the way down for a rolling slide and the other was a giant tube that you would use in place of ditches. Ian going down head first!

I didn't get a good one of him "surfing" down this one but Candi got some good ones of Cade along with the other kids. Check it out here! Jonah going down! Here is a different view of the play area. Candi sliding down with Levi. I just love my friend, Candi!

Part 5 ~ Funny!

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8)(8 said...

Really nice colors in these photos.