Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maze Part 5 ~ Funny Pictures

They had lots of things that you could take pictures with the kids. Here are some that I captured yesterday at the Maze.

This is William, one of the dads that came along on the field trip. CaiI thought this was a sweet one of Cai with the cow. Some more rule breakers!

Tate, Ian, and Cade Yes, Candi breaks the rules some times too. I know it is hard to believe but I break the rules some times too. Cade took this one of me. He said if he was going to have to take his picture in one then I was going to have to let him take a picture of me doing the same thing. I must keep my word:) Cade the Scarecrow

My other friend, Candy, was putting rabbit ears on him during the picture. Candi, Me, and Candy

Or should I say, Me and my "Candy/Candi Corn"!! Jonah, Ian, Tate, Cade, Cai, and Abram The girls...Miriam, Emma, Micah, and Sarah Here is our group shot with all the Shelbys, the Lindsays, and Jonah! This is the best one I got with all 14 kids ages 10 and under. We took several before we realized that Asa wasn't in the picture so we had to start over. Oh well, what do you expect with that many kids after a long day of playing.

Check out more group shots over at Candi's blog here and all of her Corn Maze pictures here.

Hope you enjoyed the Cajun Corn Maze pictures! No more parts...this is the end!!


Candi said...

Candi/Candy corn...I love it!

Anonymous said...

It was fun.

Mrs. Pat said...

I think you all look very natural in those stocks! It looks like you had a great time!!