Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trinity Olympics ~ Part 1 - 50 Yard Dash

Saturday our church had Trinity Olympics at a local park for those who wanted to participate. It was like a field day at an elementary school. It was a lot of fun and the adults participated as well. We had the 50 yard dash, three legged race, sack races, long jump, and chin ups. There was a lot of pictures and since I have many children that would be in different races, I broke up the pictures into 6 post according to the event. After the races, we hung around, picnicked, and played.

Here is a picture of our group that our pastor sent me for the blog. We had 5 families represented at the races.
Micah, Ian, and Cade getting ready for the 50 yard dash in their age bracket. And they're off... Hitting the 25 yard line and turning around to finish the race.Who will finish first? Cade in 1st place!Tate and Cai were in this bracket.

Off they go.... Tate's in the leadTate's the winner!

Next post: Part 2 ~Three-Legged Race


Cinnamon said...

Oh don't you just love activities that allow your children to be children :-) Looks like fun all around~ Cinnamon

Anonymous said...

You guys look like you had a lot of fun!

Jenn said...

Great running boys!!