Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trinity Olympics ~ Part 2 - Three-Legged Race

The next event of the Trinity Olympics was the Three-Legged Race.

Cade and Giavani, Kaylyn and Micah, Ian and Gian And they are off...

Look how far ahead Ian and Gian are already! The winners are...Ian and Gian! Isn't Sarah cute? This was taken in between the races.

Caleb and Cai/Tate and JosiahTate and Josiah were the winners.

Katie and Caleb/Emma and Abram There they go... As you can see, Emma and Abram are behind. They fell down together. Instead of dragging Emma, Abram stopped to help her up. It was so cute.

They're back up and ready to go.

They finally made it over the finish line :)
Next were the parent and child teams.
It was Cade and I against Rob and Ian along with some other parent teams.
As you can see, Rob and Ian were ahead of me and Cade. Look carefully. I think Rob had Ian off the ground while running!!!
Yes, Rob and Ian were first and we came in second in this particular race. In the final, Cade and I were last because our feet got tangled. Rob and Ian were officially second place in the finals.
Cade and I trying our best!
Stay tune for post 3 ~ Sack Races


Cinnamon said...

How sweet of Abram to stop and help Emma up. Adorable~


Mountain Mama said...

Oh! So much fun!!

Thanks for your sweet words and prayers for our family. You are a blessing!

Jenn said...

What fun!!