Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cai’s Birthday Party


Last night, we had Cai’s birthday party with our family while we were in town for Christmas.  His theme was Spiderman.  This will be his last year to pick a theme.  Once they turn 7, they can have a party but no theme. 

Below are some of his decorations.  My Aunt’s students had made some posters for Cai but they never made it to her car.  She asked one of her students to take it to her car but they must have put it in someone else’s car and were never found.  The first one is a placemat we put on the wall and the others are a couple that they remade.

PC220166 PC220176 PC220181

 PC220185 PC220196 PC220201

  PC220203 PC220207 PC220214

Cai had fun unwrapping his present.  Ian took a picture with Cai and his $50 bill.

PC220215 PC220230

This was also my mom’s birthday so we celebrated it too.  Here she is unwrapping her presents.

 PC220237 PC220238

 PC220248 PC220253

The first picture is my sister, Kelly, and I.  She had just got in town for Christmas.

PC220263 PC220268 PC220271

 PC220274 PC220276

While we were eating lunch yesterday, Cai told my mom that today was her birthday but it was his party day.  We all thought that was funny.

It was another great party for everyone.


Jenn said...

Awesome cake and fun party!

The Munck Family said...

Happy Late Birthday Cai!

Don't spend the $50 all in one place ;0