Friday, February 26, 2010

Audubon Insectarium

Tuesday, we went on a field trip to New Orleans at the Audubon Insectarium.  It was a great time of bugs and friends.


This is our group shot minus 3 people.  I scheduled two groups for this day and this is the one our family was in.  The other group was scheduled 30 minutes behind us but due to traffic they were an hour late.


 P2220011 P2220018 P2220019 P2220020

P2220021 P2220022

We got to walk “underground”.  It was dark with black lighting.  They had a spider that jumped out at you when you walked pass a sensor.  It was a great representation of life underground from an insect perspective.  You can see some of the kids watching a video of the process of what bugs do to a dead animal.  I thought it was gross but they thought it was cool!

P2220031 P2220024 P2220027 P2220030

The kids enjoyed the “love bug”!

P2220032 P2220037 P2220033

This was a representation of a pantry with good ol’ Cajun seasonings and food.  (Roaches were running all around!)  Again…gross!!!

P2220038 P2220041

Everything had a Cajun or New Orleans theme to it.

 P2220044 P2220045 P2220048

Here’s Miriam holding a beetle on her birthday:)


P2220054 P2220057 P2220058 P2220060 P2220061


Insect eating (Entomophagy) the Audubon Way!


Chocolate Chirp Cookies

Crispy Cajun Crickets

Cinnamon Bug Crunch

Southwestern Wax Worms

P2220065 P2220071 P2220069 P2220072 P2220073 P2220080 P2220081 P2220084 P2220085 P2220086 P2220087 P2220092 P2220093 P2220096 P2220099 P2220101

Yes, I let my kids eat the bugs.  I ate a Cinnamon Bug Crunch (Wax worm) along with Sarah.  Go here to see me eat a bug.  Emma ate a Chocolate Chirp Cookie.  You can see the cookie above.  Some of my boys ate bugs but I didn’t get a picture of them.  Candi and Christine were good sports, too.


P2220111P2220115   P2220120 P2220127 P2220129 P2220137 P2220139 P2220145 P2220141 P2220149 P2220152 P2220154 P2220155 P2220159

Lastly, we entered the live butterfly area.  I am going to do a separate post on it.  They were beautiful and flying all around.  It was my favorite part. 

They also had an interactive theater with movie.  It was fun.  You seat rocked, felt things moving under your seat, felt bug juice, and smelled a stinky bug odor(burst of stinky air).  Some of the little ones were scared but most enjoyed it.

Go to Candi’s blog to see great photos of the kids, bugs, and butterflies in these different post.

Oh, 4 of us mom’s went to eat lunch at Corky’s BBQ afterwards.  We went in with 4 moms and 22 children ages 10 and below.  The service was great and the kids behaved themselves very well.  Lots of fun was had by all.  It was a great field trip:)

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Chelle said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. We have been there before with our Awana group and LOVED IT!!! My favorite part was the butterflies too. I also tasted bugs :)