Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Treats

We have a fellowship meal together after our evening worship service every Sunday at church.  Sometimes we will put a theme to the meal such as Mexican, Italian, Greek, etc.  Well last night we themed the dessert portion to a chocolate theme.  I think we had a cheesecake theme last month!!  I tend to make a lot of chocolate desserts because I LOVE chocolate!!! I decided to try a couple of new recipes so I put pictures and links to the recipes below for you to try.


Coconut Mud Bars

My friend, Kristal, over at Knit1Kids4 posted this recipe last week on her blog.  I’m not a fan of shredded coconut flakes so I left them out of the topping and used the pecans only.  I did use the coconut flavoring because it is just the texture of the coconut that I dislike not the flavor.  She had done the opposite (left out the nuts and used only coconut).  They turned out fabulous and I highly recommend this recipe.  I will be adding this one to my regular dessert rotation!!  Click here for the recipe.

Just as a side note:  It calls for you to chop up 10 oz of chocolate.  It bent the blade to my chopper.  I think I will use a bag of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips next time instead of chopping the blocks of chocolate. 


Baker’s Chocolate & Mocha Sweethearts

Ok, I found this recipe in my inbox from Kraft Foods.  I get emails from them periodically with recipes to try.  I saw this one and loved the picture of the little chocolate hearts.  Thought this would be a perfect dessert for our chocolate theme night plus it was Valentine’s day:)  I must say they did not turn out as good as I would have hoped.  This could be due to the fact that I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter.  I am known for changing things up because I love to experiment and make it my own!!  This time it was not done on purpose.

You see I didn’t pay close attention to the ingredients.  I saw Baker’s chocolate and assumed it was semi-sweet since a lot of recipes call for this.  I had lots of boxes of the these in my pantry so I didn’t buy any.  When I went to make the recipe I noticed it called for unsweetened chocolate but it was too late so I used the semi-sweet thinking it wouldn’t hurt.  Not sure if that was the problem or not because I didn’t find them to be rich enough however it got great reviews on the Kraft Foods website.  I knew they would get eaten up just because they were cute.  It’s all about the presentation:)

The kids loved them so I may try them again.  We’ll see.  Click here for this recipe.  Let mw know if you decide to try these!


Anonymous said...

I used chips for the bars - I should have noted that.

Now the other recipe I'll have to check out!

Jenn said...

Both of these look great. I can't make those coconut bars cuz hubby can't stand coconut in any form or fashion. I'll have to try the other ones.