Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Sneaux Day

Friday, we got some snow in the deep South.  This is not something we see very often at all.  We had a lot last year which was incredible and now we have had it again for the 2nd year in a row.  [So much for Global Warming;)]  We didn’t get much but it was enough for the kids to be excited and play for a little bit. 

My family up in North LA had a large amount.  We could have made snowmen!!  Also, my sister in Dallas, TX had at least 13 inches of snow.  CRAZINESS…that is what we call it down here!!

I’m not a big fan of the white stuff but it is fun to see it every now and then.  This was perfect for me.  I got to see the beauty of snow yet it all melted away once the snowflakes stopped falling.

P2110321 P2110324

P2110327 P2110326

This was so sweet.  Cade went and got Asa for me that morning.  He took him to the window and started showing him the snow.  I caught him saying, “Asa look it’s your first snow.”    After that he sat in his chair and waited for Mommy to come and nurse him.

P2110332 P2110333 P2110336

P2110339 P2110343 P2110349

You can see that Sarah was not thrilled to be out in the snow.  She was very unhappy but Emma was having a grand time.

P2110356 P2110359

P2110360 P2110362

Here are some of the boys tramping around the yard checking it out.  Then, they were trying to catch the snowflakes in their mouths.

P2110366 P2110369 P2110371

P2110377 P2110379 P2110385

I thought this was a funny one of Abram.  I caught his tongue curled up catching a flake:)


P2110388 P2110394 P2110390

  Oh, this is better.  You see Sarah just didn’t like being bundled up in that heavy coat.  She wanted a lighter one.  Now she’s happier in the snow.P2110395 Can you guess what they were doing?  Yes, they were scooping up the snow and throwing snowballs at me!!

P2110400 P2110405 P2110407

 P2110416 This is for you, Kristal.  I thought I would show you that I wore the hat you knitted me for our sneaux day:) 

Do you remember this post where I showed you the hat she knitted for my friend, Candi, and myself.


It was fun even though it didn’t last very long.  Some people in our area a little north of us got several inches of snow but not us.  While some of our friends not to far south of us didn’t get anything at all.


Cinnamon said...

Oh that looked like such a fun afternoon. I love the chair by the window with the boys waiting for Mama :-)

The hat is adorable~


Me said...

Looks like should come here for a bit, we have a TON of snow. It's been on the ground for what seems like a very long time. Luckily Jana got used to being bundled up, she disliked it VERY much when we got back to Germany.

Jenn said...

Poor Sarah!! Isn't it amazing how they know what they like and don't like?? We sure enjoyed the snow while it lasted too!! I personally love the stuff.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Love the pictures...especially the one of Abram sticking out that long tongue!

Anonymous said...

Aack! How did I miss this picture? Must be a busy day for me!

Hat looks good!