Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 3 ~ Part 2

After we left the Homestead and Indian Village, we went over to the playground area for lunch and a time of play. 

Here are some of the kids waiting for us to get lunch unloaded.

P3040367 Mrs. Nikki giving thanks to our Lord before lunch and giving instructions to the children.P3040375 P3040374

P3040383 P3040387

P3040388 P3040392 P3040400


P3040411 P3040414 P3040427

After a time of playing, we left to go down more trails looking for the boardwalk and the beach. 

P3040433 P3040435 We found the boardwalk but Mrs. Nikki was very nervous with all of the children since it had no rails and was surrounded by water.  Everyone did fine and she survived:)


P3040442 P3040441 P3040443

After the boardwalk, we made our way down other trails to check out the beach.


P3040450 P3040454 P3040462

After looking at the beach, we made our way back to the van so we could go home for naps.

P3040465 P3040466 P3040467

 P3040472 P3040476 

We ended the the night with pizza and movie night.  We piled into their playroom with blankets on the floor and a few little tables to eat while they watched the movie.  The kids had a blast!  Believe it or not, there were no messes made during this event:)




We had a great visit with our friends.  It was so nice of Rob to let us go visit.  We will be looking forward to when they can come visit us again or vice versa.

We will be heading out in a little while to make our trek home.  Hopefully the kids will do well like they did on our way there.  Looking forward to seeing Daddy:)


Mountain Mama said...

What a fun trip! You got to see and do so many things. I'll bet the kids were worn out.

Chelle said...

That looks like something we would enjoy. They kids look like they had a wonderful time and the scenery is just great!

8)(8 said...

Neat. Have a safe trip home.

Jenn said...

What a great trip y'all had!!! How did your TomTom do??? Ours was fabulous for our vacation. I think I am over my bad feelings for her. :)

Kristy said...

Looks like great fun!

Cinnamon said...

How fun to get to visit with friends~ Great pictures~

Thank you for your "hug" and email. You are an encouragement to me~