Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 3 ~ Part 1

Today (Friday), we went to the Jesse H. Jones Park and Nature Center with the children.  It has trails, a playground, and an Akokisa Indian Village.

Here we are starting out down the Red Bud Homestead Trail to get to the Indian village. 


First, we came to the Homestead which depicted Pioneer life.  It had real life-size cabins, a smokehouse, a forge, root cellar, chicken coop, barn with hayloft, garden, water pump, outhouse, and an animal yard.

P3040194 P3040195 P3040197

P3040202 P3040204 P3040212

P3040214 P3040218 P3040224

P3040231 P3040236 P3040245

P3040251 P3040254

P3040268 P3040273


P3040275 P3040285 P3040286

P3040288 P3040290 P3040291

P3040300 P3040305

P3040327 P3040329

P3040345 P3040346 P3040347


Part 2 will include picks from lunch, play, and trails.  Not sure when I will be able to get those pictures up.  We will be packing up and heading home tomorrow afternoon so pray for safe travel. 

How was your Friday?

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Robert Shelby said...

Now that is a really great looking park. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Looking forward to you coming home this afternoon. Love you! Rob