Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rural Life Museum

Tuesday, we went on a field trip to the Rural Life Museum.  This agricultural department of LSU uses these 400 some odd acres for research regarding all kinds of plants, fruits, vegetables, and flowers along with preserved buildings and artifacts from the 19th century.  All of these things are from all over Louisiana.


Before we began our tour, they started us off with a short movie discussing the things we would be seeing during our tour and about this time period in Louisiana.  Then, they split our group of 50 people into three smaller groups since we had three tour guides.   


Matthew 18:6 

but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

(Not sure how big the millstones were back in Jesus’ day but this is huge.  I had never imagined the size of a millstone before but this really made a very clear picture for me when I saw this one.)


P3220010 P3220011 P3220013

These are a couple of pictures from the town jail.

P3220014 P3220016

Here is the cane grinder and Asa hanging out during the tour.

P3220021 P3220026

Here our guide is telling us about the sugar making process.

P3220030 P3220031 


P3220036 P3220038


P3220045 P3220046

These are a few from a school house.  Of course, my children knew where the punishment chair was when he asked what this chair was for!!  He said back then they believed in spanking so they would put the disobedient child next to the teacher for him/her to use a ruler to pop the student.  My kids and a few others said, “We get spankings, too!”

P3220053 P3220055

P3220054 P3220056

P3220058P3220059 P3220060 P3220064

Silly girls:)


You can tell my kids are use to me taking pictures of them.  Cai found this spot and said, “Hey Mom!  Look at me!”


I love these boys.  They are so sweet and well-behaved.  Aren’t they cute!!!


The next few pictures are of the smokehouse, chicken coop, and the kitchen.

P3220074 P3220080 P3220086


P3220092 P3220093

This is one of their beautiful gardens. 


P3220104 P3220109

These are pictures of the Grist Mill.


P3220111 P3220113

Here are a few pictures of the church and the cemetery.

P3220117 P3220115

P3220120 P3220121


P3220127 P3220128

Can you see the oxen?

They were pretty far off so this is the best I got with my zoom.


Our guide was showing the kids the machine that was used for shaping the wooden shingles for the roofs.

P3220137 P3220138

Here is a picture that was on the wall of one of the houses.  Yes, it was crooked on the wall:)


P3220141 P3220142


P3220153 P3220155

Me and my bunch


To see some more incredible pictures from our field trip, you can go over to Candi’s blogs here and here.  She did a fantastic job on her pictures, just so you know:)

After the field trip, all of us left and went to a local park for picnic and play.  We had good time and a lovely day.  The weather was perfect!


Jenn said...

Lots of pictures and lots of fun!!! I didn't realize how big a millstone was either. Thanks for posting it.

Mountain Mama said...

Oh My Word! How fun.
I love the school house.

8)(8 said...

That must have been interesting for the children.

Dusti said...

Wow that looks like a great visit. I love how you've written all the book you've read on your sidebar. Thanks for sharing.