Thursday, March 4, 2010

Visit with the Jones ~ Day 2

Today, we went to Deussen Park down the street from their house.  It was a HUGE park with lots of different parks, an area connected to Lake Houston, and buffalo.

Lake Houston:

P3030039 P3030041 P3030045


Playing at one of the play areas:

P3030050P3030064 P3030070 P3030077

P3030078 P3030080 P3030082 P3030084

P3030089 P3030091 P3030097

P3030118 P3030128 P3030134


Very random!!!  This park had a large fenced in area of buffalo:)

P3030159 P3030163 P3030161

Our failed attempt at a kids group picture:

P303017813 kids ages 10 and under

After this we left and went to McDonald’s to pick up some food for the kids for lunch.  I  got me a large Diet Coke (easy ice) but Nikki and I ate gourmet salad (prepared by Nikki) for lunch.

We are having a great time visiting with our friends but I sure miss My Love:)

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