Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camping Trip ~ Day 1


Last Thursday, we joined Rob and Abram for our bi-annual church camping trip.  This time we went to Fontainbleau State Park.  This was my first time but Rob has been here before with a couple of the other boys.  This was his first time back since Hurricane Katrina in which the park suffered tremendous damage.  It has been restored for the most part and is a beautiful place to camp. 

Since Rob and Abram came a day early, we thought they would be able to get one of the same camping spots that we had reserved so that they could have the tents set up.  Unfortunately, the park was full when they arrived and had to set up at a different site.  Therefore, they just set up one of the little tents for the night.  This meant that the tents were still going to have to be set up when we arrived. 

Rob was able to move over to one of our reserved spots earlier that morning so he was able to move the stuff over before we got there.  Once we got there, the boys helped Rob set up the big tent and the two little tents.  Emma, Asa, and Sarah played in the van while they were setting up.

P3310077 P3310076

P3310084 P3310080 P3310085

P3310087 P3310088 P3310091

After we set the tents up, we left and went and ate lunch together at Sonic before the other families arrived.  Yes, we grilled and cooked camping type food after this meal:)

While Emma, Sarah, and Asa napped, Rob took the others on a bike ride to the beach.  This park as a beach on Lake Pontchartrain. After they woke up, I put Asa in the sling, Sarah in the stroller and Emma and I went for a walk.  Pastor Dale and Mrs. Pat met up with us along the way.


Here are a few pictures of them at the beach:

SDC15875 SDC15876

SDC15882 SDC15884

Riding back

P3310105 P3310107

Playing at the park while I nursed Asa.

P3310109 P3310113

P3310120 P3310132 P3310122

P3310138 We headed back to our sites to get ready for dinner. 

P3310141 Here’s Cade, Ian, and Abram with their headlights on outside of the restrooms before nighty night.

SDC15887 I have so many pictures to share that I am going to have to break them down into several posts so get ready.  


Jenn said...

Can't wait to see more pictures. Looks like fun as always.

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Me said...

I LOVE this park, we stayed there 4 nights after New Orleans. I am not sure, but I think someone mentioned it when we met you at the other park. Had such a great time there. Have you ever been to that Wildlife Park not far from there? We have very fond memories of Louisiana!!!