Friday, April 9, 2010

Camping Trip ~ Day 2 – Part 1

After breakfast, Melody sat and made visors with the children.  They really had a lot of fun doing this.  You can tell she’s a teacher because she came prepared with activities for spare time.


SDC15895 SDC15899

Melody wanted to do an egg hunt for the children just for fun.  She brought LOTS of plastic eggs filled with questions and some filled with bible trivia for the children.  The eggs with trivia were for larger prizes.  Once the eggs were found, we sat an open each question egg to see if that child could answer it.  That was fun because some of the questions we had to look up in our bibles to find the answers:)

While Melody and Mrs. Pat were hiding the eggs, Rob and Carlo took the kids to the park.  Once the eggs were hidden, we brought the kids back for the hunt.

Here they found a turtle while they were playing:

SDC15910 The children are getting their instructions for the hunt.  They made one area just for the little girls so the boys wouldn’t trample them.  The boys eggs were hidden in more difficult areas including some of the woods.

 P4010147 P4010148

And they’ll off…

P4010150 P4010153 P4010154


P4010160 P4010161 P4010168

P4010165 P4010166


P4010184 P4010185 P4010186

P4010187 P4010189 SDC15919

P4010194 They had a lot of fun looking for their eggs and answering the questions.

Funny little story:

Sarah would pick up one egg at a time and bring it to her basket.  Not sure why she wouldn’t carry it but she didn’t. After she found several eggs, she discovered they had candy in them so she decided to plop down by her basket to open and eat all of her candy.  She could have had more candy had she continued hunting but she was content just sitting there eating the little bit in her basket!

We did several other things on Day 2 that I had to break it up  into four parts.  I’ll continue posting them as I get a chance to get them ready!

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Amber said...

What a fun filled camping trip! We did our Easter egg hunt geocaching style since it covered a larger area. My kids are really into that right now.