Monday, April 12, 2010

Construction Update ~ Week 1

I will be posting pictures once a week until our addition project is completed.  This will allow you to see how things are going around here.

This past week the demolition and construction got underway.  For those of you who have done any projects like this, you know that things come down faster than things go up!

It started with getting rid of the bricks and stucco where the downstairs addition is taking place.

P4040364 P4040365 P4040369 

P4040371 P4040372

P4060378Then, the outer walls were removed along with some holes left in my walls inside where they were not supposed to be.

P4070388 P4070389

Rob had to get the tractor out to loosen up the ground where the shop is going so they could measure and form up the foundation.

P4070393 P4070394

Lastly for the week, they measured out the slab areas for the house addition and the shop.  Plus, two loads of dirt were delivered.


P4080420 P4080423 P4080425

  We’re going to need a lot more dirt but this was just to get them started.

The boys were so excited to watch all of the work.  They were jumping at the chance to help out.  One of the guys let some of the boys knock some of the stucco off with a hammer.  They loved getting to do that!  Also, a friend came over who wanted some of our bricks to use around some of their flowerbeds.  Her boys and my boys were all up in the dumper (before the dangerous stuff was thrown in it full of nails) digging for whole bricks and stacking them in her van.  I wished I had gotten a picture of that because it was so cute watching all of their heads bobbing up and down in the dumpster.


Anonymous said...

Looks like it is a good start - I know my boys would love watching and helping!

The Munck Family said... stopping ya'll!!! Your really on a roll, hope the whole thing goes smooth. I can't wait to watch it come together in pictures :)

Jenn said...

Oh boy!! It has BEGUN!! Woo hoo!! I can't wait to see the progress. Be ready for lots of dust and dirt. Your boys will be loving it!