Monday, May 3, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 4

Well this week started out pretty slow.  Didn’t think I was going to have many pictures so show however that changed starting Friday.

The contractor came out with his son early in the week to remove all of the foundation framing boards.  He let some of the boys help out.  Cade and Tate got their hammers and started removing nails from the boards while Ian went around “collecting” the nails.

P4260647 P4260648 P4260652

There was no more work until Friday.  The framers arrived along with supplies and they got started.

P4290655 P4290656 P4290657

They got the outer walls put up around the body of the shop. 

This is the side view from our patio.  It will have a window and a door going to the half bath in the shop.  There will also be a door to enter the shop from the bathroom.

P4300660 This is the back view of the shop.  It will have an 8 ft covered patio area and a roll up door.

P4300666 This is the side view that is next to the neighbors side.  (No doors or windows)

P4300668 This is the front view.  There will be two windows and a door along with a 10 ft covered patio area.

P4300670 Building from the ground up goes much faster than additions.  That’s why the shop is going up more quickly.  The house will take longer to the fact that you have to build around things, demolish other things, and continue adding.

I wonder how much will get done next week?  Well, we’ll just have to wait and see:) 


Jenn said...

That looks huge! It is coming along quickly. Yippee!!

Katie said...

Wow! That's some major progress in one week!