Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Turtle Visitor

This past week I was looking out the back window and saw this turtle climbing up the hill.  I told Cai to look so he could see it.  Of course, he couldn’t keep it to himself and called everyone else to come see.  Everyone ran outside the door and I got the camera.  They love getting to see critters like these because they can touch them:)



Little Asa sitting on the patio watching from afar while we are out with the turtle.


The boys decided that the turtle needed a fort so they built one over him!



Turtle decide to get out of the fort and kept coming toward me.  Maybe this was Mrs. Turtle who laid eggs in our yard last year.  Looks like the same kind of turtle and she crawled over my foot:)


Bye Turtle!!  Maybe we’ll see you around again:)



Anonymous said...

That is the kind of turtle we have!

Cinnamon said...

Turtles are soo fun! We finally let our "wild" turtle go and he made a bee line for a near by pond. We still have our other one. The kids love watching him as he swims and soaks up the rays on his rock~


Jenn said...

You let that turtle crawl on your foot?? That is a little too close for me. :) I know your boys loved it though.

8)(8 said...