Monday, June 21, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 11

The bricklayers got back to work on Monday.  They were able to get two entire sides done including two of the dormer windows.  They have two more sides to do which includes 3 dormer windows.

We had a decision to make this week because the new brick isn’t matching as well as we hoped.  It’s the same brick but they make it differently than the original.  We decided to knock down the existing brick off of the two sides that are facing the road and have them the same from the ground up.  That means that there is one side on the side by the trees that has a little of the existing brick but hopefully it won’t be too noticeable.  They had already bricked above that part which is what made us see the difference.  The other wall on the back of the addition is new brick from the ground up because that portion was stucco.  BTW, we love the new brick color.  It would have been our preference between the old and new!


P6140004 P6150036 P6150037

P6150042 P6150047


Another problem that was solved this week was the fact that our garage was sagging due to the weight.  Originally, we thought that it was due to a problem with the way the brick was put on when it was built because we have found lots of issues that  were not done quite right.

A blessing from the sheet rock problem was that the contractor was able to figure out that the header above the garage door was not correct.  They had not put the right support from the beginning which means that it has been sagging and getting worse over time.  We noticed the sagging but the more weight added above the worse it got. 

They fixed this by jacking up the garage and putting more support in that area.  This also gave us a few more inches of clearance for our vehicles which was a plus for us:)  Trying to look on the brighter side of all of the “extras” that keep coming up.

P6150009 P6150012 P6150016


P6150023 P6150029 P6150043


While they were jacking up the garage, a board slipped and broke one of our windows in the garage.  We are going to get it fixed once the bricklayers are finished with there work.


They are finishing up the trim work on the shop this week.  They put the columns up and the sheet rock work should be completed this week as well.

P6170151 P6180326

This is the view of our mess from the road.


Can’t wait for the brick work to be finished so that the outside will look more like normal.  It will be nice for the windows to be finished with brick so that the caps can be installed and the water will no longer leak into the addition.


Pat said...

It is looking wonderful!! I can't wait until we can see the whole thing in COMPLETION!!

Jenn said...

It is looking awesome! Y'all have had quite a few road bumps, but it will be so worth it in the end.

8)(8 said...

Despite the problems, it looks fantastic!

Cinnamon said...

It all looks so wonderful. It seems as though the addition is coming along so quickly! What a grand time the kids are going to have running around in it when they have it all done~