Monday, June 28, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 12

The bricklayers finished the rest of the house.  We are very pleased with their work.  It looks great and we love the color of the bricks.  We made the right decision to change the brick from the ground up on those two sections.

P6210355 P6210358

P6220361 P6220364 P6230365

P6250481 P6250485


They started doing the trim work on the outside of the house as the bricklayers finished each side.  They still have more to do but it’s getting done.


The day finally came where they cut into the house for the new door/doorway into the new hallway that leads to the stairs, new bedroom and bath downstairs.  Plus, they cut out the two new closets and installed the doors that were made from the extra space between the wall and the stairs.  Love having two more closets for storage!!!

P6240371 P6240374 P6240376

P6240377 P6240379

P6240380        P6240381


The door to the new storage closet in the garage that is using the space behind the stairs and under the stairs.  You can see where the old door use to be for the original storage/shop which is now part of the new downstairs bedroom.


See this little patch of stucco work that needs to be done!  This is where the old roof line was on the front of our house before we started construction.  Now, we have to patch this up.  I think Rob is going to try to watch some “u” tube videos to try and learn how to do it in order to save money.  We were told it would cost us a lot to try and get someone to come out to repair this small section.  Of course if any of our friends out there in our area know how to do this and want to share their expertise, feel free to share.P6250493

Saturday, Rob had the boys outside cleaning up all of the trash and debris left from the different workers.  It’s not all done yet but they are doing a fine job. 

Cade got to start painting the bottom portion of the shop so that they can put the baseboards down. P6250501 P6250502

Ian and Tate got to paint the primer on the patio columns. 

P6250507 P6250509 P6250512

Rob got started putting the insulation into the house addition.  He told them he would have the addition insulated so the could start sheet rocking on Thursday.  Boy, he has a lot of work ahead of him because he has to put the foam insulation in around all of the windows, too.  He’s definitely going to have to take some time off of work this week in order to get it done.  

P6250522 P6250524

As you can see, it’s coming right along.  We’re trying to pick out paint colors and need to pick out our floors.  Not sure when we are going to have time to go look. 

We’re having trouble with paint selections because we plan on painting the entire interior of the house and we want the colors to flow nicely together.  That will definitely be a work in progress but we are trying to think ahead.  Can’t wait to get some color in the house!  Apparently, the owners before us went through and put the same neutral color in the whole house before they sold it.  Blah!!!  We like color so we’ll see what we come up with.

Really, we need someone who is good with colors to come and help us out!


Pat said...

It is all looking great!! If you need me to watch the kids one afternoon I will be happy to help.

carlo said...

regarding colors, I'm not the guy to ask. i always wonder how come different architects or interior designers can present different colors or combinations of them, yet all of them are really good.

Tracy said...

Looking good!

The best idea I have for choosing my colors (when I am ALLOWED to have them! Not in a rental for sure) look through decor magazines and Southern Living type ones. Find a picture of a house with rooms you LOVE. And see what wall colors they used.

Mountain Mama said...

WOW! It is looking so good. You are getting closer. Hang in there.

Jenn said...

Looking good!!!! I know you must be getting pretty excited to know it is so close.

Cinnamon said...

It does look wonderful. I love the painting part. It's so close!!!

Hmmm...colors....are we thinking Ronald McDonald coloring, that's lively :-) Or something else? hee hee