Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trinity VBS 2010

This past Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday during Sunday School, our church, Trinity Baptist Church, had its annual Vacation Bible School.  We are a small church plus our dads like to participate and teach so we do it on a weekend.  The children get the same number of lessons they would get in a week long VBS so they aren’t missing out. 

This year we used “Wisdom Calls Aloud” from Children Desiring God.  We really liked this VBS curriculum because it had very solid, biblical teaching. 


Group Shot

(Minus several people such as the bed babies and a few adults)


ages 7 – 11 group


ages 4 – 6 group shot



We selected Proverbs 6:6, “Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise.” for our theme verse.

I was in charge of the kitchen so we went with a picnic with ants all around for our decor.


My aunt’s students have made the decorations for me the last few years.  They always do a great job!  We normally only have to add a few things to them to complete the fellowship hall.

Thanks, Aunt Pat!!!

P6170181 P6170196a P6170188

P6170198a P6170204

P6170205 P6170207 P6187654

These cute little wooden ants were made by one of my Aunt’s coaches at her school.  He made 13 of them for my table toppers.  Wasn’t that nice of him!


The cute little wall ant was in Rob and Chad’s room.  Chad’s wife, Amy, made these as part of their decorations.  They were representing the inside of an ant hill.

P6180318 P6187641


Here’s my friend, Candi, who came to help me out in the kitchen.  She goes to a different church but she does bible study with us and has helped us out the past few years.  Isn’t she cute with her pregnant belly sticking out while working!  That little one is due in a few weeks.  Can’t wait to meet him or her :)

Here’s some pictures of the food we made that went with our theme.  We served BBQ Pork sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Macaroni and Cheese, Cole Slaw, Pasta Salad, Ant Hill Cakes, and Dirt Cake for lunch.

P6170186 P6170212 P6170228


P6180256 P6180278 P6180284



Here’s Miriam, Abram, Cameron, and Cai during one of their snack times.


Rob and his class during one of the snack times.

P6170220 P6170227

Lunch Time


ages 2-3


Craft Time

P6180309 P6180311

Rob, Chad, and Adam’s Class

Ages 4-6 P6187728

Getting ready for one of the worship rallies.

P6180238 P6180241


Carlo and Asa

He and his wife worked with the bed babies along with another couple.  Every time I saw him, he had my little man with him.  I think they liked each other :)

P6170235 P6180322

Candi and I

(Yes, we planned on matching for the kitchen on Saturday!)


Mrs. Pat enjoying a break from the toddlers!  It’s a long time to be in a room full of 2-3 year olds all day.


One of our youths, Nicole, running toward me with a smile while I was taking pictures.


Rob and Asa




Father and son resting from a long day!


Crazy AJ!

He kept trying to get in my pictures so I captured one of his stunts.  Plus, he made faces at me every time the camera came near. 

P6170193 P6170223

Check out more VBS pictures over at Candi’s blog!


Mountain Mama said...

Oh so fun! That's awesome the dads help out. What a great weekend.

Cinnamon said...

You are always off having some fun with your church. That's great!!

I love your 'ant' theme, very cute~

Little Asa isn't so little anymore :-0 but ever so cute!


Anonymous said...

vbs was fun