Saturday, June 12, 2010

It Finally Happened…

Emma got gum stuck in her hair!

This morning Emma and I had to go to a hardware store to return and pick up some things for our construction project while the boys were working outside with Daddy.  (Asa and Sarah were napping while we were gone.)  I gave her a half a piece of gum to chew as a treat and told her to make sure and keep it in her mouth.  Ha, she didn’t listen.

While we were driving she said, “Momma, my gum is in my hair!”  I couldn’t believe it.  I told her we would try and get it out  when we got back home or we were going to have to pull it out but she was going to have to wait. 

I knew this would happen one day.  I just didn’t know when or where but today was the day.  I haven’t had this problem with my boys but Emma has that pretty long hair. 



Here’s what we did to get it out:

Step 1- Use mayo and rub it around to loosen the gum.





Step 2 – Once it is loosened, start to pull the individual hair away from the gum until it is all out.

P6110019  P6110021

 Step 3:  Take a bath and get the nasty mayo out of her hair.



Step 4:  Get out of the tub and dry her hair.


Now, it’s back to her beautiful hair!


Cinnamon said...

That looked so easy! This should be a tutorial for young Moms :-)


Anonymous said...

Been there... my youngest "saved" her gum for later behind her ear. Oh my...

Jenn said...

Good for you for getting it all out. You did better then me...I just used scissors. :)