Friday, June 4, 2010

Sarah’s B-day Party

P5270074 Last week, we went to visit our families for a few days.  We hadn’t been up there since Christmas and we wanted to be able to share Sarah’s birthday with them.

These are some of the decorations that my Aunt’s students made for Sarah’s Care Bear party!

P5270078 P5270075 P5270083

P5270076 P5270080 P5270082

P5270086We had a chicken tray, Rotel dip with chips, a fruit tray, and Hawaiian rolls for food.  After eating, we watched Sarah open her presents.

She had so much fun and acted like she knew just what to do.  Oh, she didn’t want any help either which is a tough thing with so many brothers and a sister.

P5270087 P5270090

P5270096 P5270104 P5270107


Here’s a picture of my sister, Kelly, with Emma.  We scheduled our trip to happen during the same time my sister came to visit because she is leaving for Uganda in June for a year.


Rob and Asa



This is Pastor Rusty and his wife, Nancy.  He is the pastor at the church my mom, aunt, and uncle attend.  We prayed for many years to bring a pastor who would preached truth unashamedly to this area.  The Lord didn’t just bring him to this area but to my families’ church.  What an awesome God we serve!!!

P5270125Here’s the birthday girl blowing out her candles on her cake.  Yes, she blew them out all by herself.  I think she might be the only one of our children who did this at age 2.

P5270129 P5270130

While we were there visiting, my aunt, mom, uncle, and sister all helped out to watch the kids for Rob and I to go out one night for our anniversary that was earlier in the week.  We had a very nice evening.  This is not something that happens very often for the two of us but we definitely enjoyed it.


Mountain Mama said...

Very cute bears for Sarah-Bear. Love the cake!

Happy Birthday Cute Sarah from the Z Clan in Utah.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Do you think Sarah could some ironing for me?

The Munck Family said...

Precious times and such a fun colorful party!!!

Sarah is a doll!!!

Kristy said...

Sounds like a great time, and fun party! So glad you and your hubby got to go out for your anniversary!! And that you got to visit with family :)

8)(8 said...

Happy birthday, Sarah!