Monday, July 26, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 16

We’re back in business!!  It was back to work on our house after a couple of weeks of delay.  The inspectors wanted us to add a steel beam our garage for extra support.  (Of course, they all said they thought it was fine and that it wouldn’t sag any more but they wanted to cover themselves.)

Here is the big steel beam that went above the garage:

P7190119 P7190122

P7190126 P7190128

P7190140 P7190141


P7210163 P7210168

They dug the trench from our house to the shop to run the underground electrical wires to the shop in order to have power in the shop.  Yes, this was done by hand!


P7190129 P7200148 P7200149


P7200155 P7200153

Friday, they started hanging the sheetrock up in the house.  They will pick back up on Monday.

P7230183 P7230186 P7230188

P7230191 P7230189 P7230193

P7230196 P7230197

Saturday, Rob got out and started caulking the eaves of the house so that he can start painting.

P7230201 P7230202 P7230203

The  kids were out doing more yard cleaning and weeding the flowerbeds in the front of the house.  The weeds have taken over during this construction process.  They looked like little jungles :)



P7230211 P7230212 P7230213

Hopefully, the next week will bring more labor and fruit!


Jenn said...

Glad y'all were able to get started again. Waiting can seem forever.

Cinnamon said...

I'm so glad things are coming along. Looks like you will have some tired kids from working so hard :-)


Anonymous said...

Looking like some good working getting done!

Kristy said...

How exciting! Everything is coming to together - and will one day be ALL together! Neat to have everyone helping out!

Katie said...

By hand?! Wow, that's some serious muscle work! It's lookin' good!

8)(8 said...