Friday, July 23, 2010

I’m in Love!


Mauna Loa Milk Chocolate Coconut Macadamias

We were getting the mail and newspapers for our neighbors the last 10 days while they were on vacation in Hawaii.  They got back today and brought us a big bag of these as a thank you.  I didn’t think i would like them because of the coconut but they are delightful!  The coconut is so smooth is just blends in with the chocolate :)  I’m in love!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Not a bad thing to be "in love" with.

knit1kids4 said...

Sounds yummy!

Candi said...

Yum! I never had the kind with coconut. I love the dark chocolate macadamia nuts.

Jenn said...

Yep...I would love them!! YUM!!!