Monday, August 2, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 17

This week the sheetrock guys came back and finished hanging the rest of the sheetrock…or so they thought!  I’ll get to that at the end of the post :)

This is the entrance to the new addition. If you look down the hallway, the first entrance is the stairway, the next door is a bedroom, and the full bath would to your left at the end of the hall almost directly across from the bedroom.


P7260229 P7260234


P7260237 P7260238

Here’s a picture of one of the sheetrock guys on stilts used to reach the high places.

P7270246 P7270248 P7270253

A barrier was put in the hallway to keep out as much sheetrock dust as possible from the rest of the house. 


After they hung the sheetrock, they taped and put the first round of mud on all of it.

Entrance way to the new part of the house.


Part of the new downstairs bathroom and bedroom.

P7280260 P7280264

Stairway going up


Part of the large room upstairs.  You can see the stairway entrance and the hallway leading to the rest of the rooms.

P7280272 P7280273

Part of the upstairs bathroom, Rob’s office, and guest room.

P7280277 P7280279 P7280283

Do you remember our water saga?  Well, Friday they cut out parts of the walls in the garage, and inside of the house to check for mildew or water damaged sheetrock.  The house was fine but the two outer walls of the garage are not.  They already had mildew on the outside of the walls, the inside paper on the opposite side of the sheetrock, and in the sheetrock.  We are not going to try and treat that much sheetrock.  Instead, we will be replacing the two entire walls from top to bottom!  They are supposed to come Monday and tear out the old sheetrock and hang the new sheetrock in the garage area.  Then, they will come back and finish the rest of the sheetrock.  We were told that the sheetrock should be completely finished by Saturday.  We’ll see…


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It's lookin' good!


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Looks like progress is being made... and then another step backwards!