Monday, August 16, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 19

This was another slow week.  They finished the sheetrock on Monday.  Rob and the boys have been trying to clean all of the residue off the concrete in the garage for the past few days so that we can start parking back under there.  This is a lot of work!!!  Then, we will be moving into the house to clean up as much residue as possible before laying floors. 

Rob started painting just a little bit Friday night.  He had planned on getting more painting done this weekend but there was a change of plans.  (A friend of ours at church had a beautiful baby boy Friday earlier than we expected and so he needed to come up with a SS lesson to teach for Chad along with me filling in for Amy while they were out.)  He is trying to get paint around all of the electrical areas and the trim areas so that they can come  and install all of the lights and outlets.  Having some electricity will help out with him being able to get more painting done after the kids go to bed.  Also, we’re trying to get the trim put up because electrical and trim work is about all that is left for the contractor to complete his part.  We hired the plumbers and A/C guys so we take care of getting them out here to complete their work.  Rob is planning on doing the painting and flooring to help cut cost.  Not sure how long that’s going to take with the amount of time he has to work on it.  He may take off work a couple of days to get some chunks of work done in the near future.


momoflots said...

House building is slow and hard work!! We helped build our home ten years ago (back when we had 5 kids) and lived in a fifth wheel trailer during that time. A time of learning to be sure!!

I know it's super hot there - my sister is expecting her first baby in October and lives near you - she really has been house bound most of the summer due to getting too hot and feeling faint if she goes out! Hoping it cools down for all of you soon!!

Cinnamon said...

Oh you will be so glad when it's all done!! What stories you will have to tell :-) And next time you hear some young couple saying "let's build our own home" you can sit back and smile with all your wisdom :-)