Monday, August 23, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 20

Rob and the boys have worked very hard this week as much as they could to get things moving in the addition.  Rob spent several hours painting most nights after full days of regular work.  Cade and Ian spent several days and evenings working in there cleaning the sheetrock residue off of the floors.  Tate helped out some toward the end of the week with the cleaning and a little painting.

Here’s Cade working hard.  He worked like a mule the last few days getting much done.  He spent 3 days in a row working in the addition scrubbing the floors and then painting in the evenings.  He got all of the floors downstairs cleaned and ready to go for the flooring.

P8190072 P8190073 P8190076

I think Ian was posing for me!


Here’s Ian cleaning the floors upstairs.  He was able to get the stairs cleaned and started on the upstairs section.  Ian spent the first half of Saturday mowing and working in the yard before coming in the labor in the addition.

P8190084a P8190085

Tate got to paint in the garage.

P8190120a P8190123a

Tate helped with the cleaning upstairs on Saturday. 

P8200124 P8200125

Rob getting some painting done.  He hasn’t been able to get detail painting done.  The main goal was to get paint up around all of the electrical outlets and fixture areas so they can come in and finish up the electrical work. 

P8200126 P8200128


I tried to take pictures of some of the paint colors but had trouble getting the colors to look right considering that my lighting is limited due to no lights in this area.  I noticed that the color came out better if I had something in the picture so the boys helped me out!

Tate and Ian are showing you the large room that we’ve been calling the schoolroom/playroom.  It looks kind of like Terracotta.  Cade is showing you the color in Rob’s mom’s room.

P8200133 P8200135

We went with colors from the Ralph Lauren Suede Collection for the addition.  We used this collection when we built our last house though some of the colors we used don’t exist on the website any longer and many are new colors but we kept the palette that we had for future use.  We did choose some of the colors that we used in our last house.  Also, we already had colors for the the kitchen (includes breakfast area, sitting area, and long hallway), dining room, foyer, and living room that the interior designer had picked out back when we moved in and bought new furniture.  We have incorporated those along with other Ralph Lauren colors for the rest of the house so that all of the colors will blend throughout the entire house new and existing. 

Bathrooms – Sandoval

Rob’s mom’s room – Rancho

Ceilings – Spitfire

Schoolroom/playroom – Mojave Sunset

Hallways, Stairway, Office, and Guest Room – Dessert Plateau

They are supposed to start putting in the electrical fixtures and getting the electricity turned on in the addition this week.  Also, the bathroom cabinets are going to be delivered and installed, too.  Rob has taken off two days this week to try and get a good bit of work done.  Hopefully, he will have some productive days!


The Munck Family said...

WOW, it's all coming together so nicely! I know ya'll must be tired and excited all together. what great workers you have, growing into such young men. The colors all sound so welcoming, maybe one day I can see them for myself ?!

Hope Rob and the boys get much accomplished this week.

Tracy said...

Wow! Looking good. I love the posed pic of Ian, cute!

Mountain Mama said...

What great workers!! Things are coming along. Looking good!

I am still alive. We have been very busy with camp. Ahhh, finally a breather.


Jenn said...

Awesome!! Great choice of colors and good job boys for all your hard work!!

8)(8 said...

Wow, that's neat that all the big kids are contributing. I love the Ralph Lauren colors. I have my daughter's room painted in one of his colors.