Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Trip to an Animal Hospital

Tuesday, we went to the Sherwood South Animal Hospital for a field trip.  We had 57 children and 16 adults there for this activity.  They split us up into 2 groups and took us around to see what they do at the animal hospital.  We went there a couple of years ago but they were not as busy this day as they were last time so we didn’t get to see quite as many things.

Here are the two groups getting ready to start the tours:

P8160006 P8160007

This is the dental area.

P8160009 P8160010 P8160011

Ultrasound area


Surgery prep area and operating room

P8160016 P8160018

Ian’s looking at a dog that is having to stay in an oxygen tank.  We’re not quite sure what was wrong with him.


Listening to one of the vets talking to the group and getting ready to pet Gumbo.

P8160022 P8160023

This is a hairless cat that they showed the children and gave them the opportunity to pet.  I like the way someone describe this cat, “He’s so ugly, he’s cute!!!”


P8160033 P8160034

Cade was talking and playing with Gumbo.  (Gotta love our South Louisiana names!)P8160037

Being showed an inflatable flea and tapeworm.


Pretty kitty staying in the cat area.


Here are some of the doggy boarding areas.  This would be Motel 6 compared to…


the Ritz Carlton!

In this area, they have the nice decorations.  Private rooms with the their own TV and bed plus each room is themed such as Tiger Den (LSU), Lagniappe, and Mardi Gras (more South Louisiana) for examples.

P8160044 P8160046

In the waiting areas, they had a giant cage with little kittens running around for the children to watch while they were waiting.  Also, they brought a couple of puppies for the kids to pet.

P8160048 P8160049


Here’s one of the mamarazzi, Candi, taking a break and slinging little Cole.


Animal supplies

P8160053 P8160054 P8160055

After the field trip, we went over to Mrs. Gina’s house for picnic and play.  Several of us supplied food for the adults while the kids brought a sack lunch.  Mrs. Gina had someone from her church come and sit with her youngest, Asa, and Candi’s little girl, Micah so that we could limit the number of strollers.  Plus, this allowed me to get Asa his nap while we were gone.  He was a very good boy and slept the whole time.

This is Asa enjoying his lunch.

P8160065 P8160067 P8160068

Overall, it was a good day.  We had bad weather which means the kids had to stay inside at Mrs. Gina’s for lunch and play which meant not as many people decided to stay.  We still had a good crowd and the kids did very well for having to stay inside.

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Jenn said...

FUN! What a great group y'all had there!