Monday, September 6, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 22

This week there was much work going on around the house.

Our A/C was completely installed and is running in the new part of the house.  However, we aren’t running it very cool since no one is using it but we are allowing the workers to have less heat than they do without it :)  Our electricity bill has already been really high the past 2 months and I don’t want to see it once we start running this part as well.

P8310002 The electrical is complete including the lighting on all of our patio fans and exterior lights.  It is so bright at night.  I love it!!!

P9010015a All of the trim work was completed this week.  These are my new extra closets that were installed in my hallway.  The one with shelves will house more school stuff and the other one is going to be used for a kids’ coat closet.  You see here in the south, you have to have both seasons of clothes out due to our variance in temperature (hot and cold) during the winter.  Never know if you will be wearing shorts or not at Christmas time :)  That’s a lot of clothes to house when you have a large family!

P9010029 P9010032

The next few pictures are of some of the trim work that was done.

P9010035 P9010036

P9010039 P9010048


P9010046 P9010052

This is the downstairs bedroom which will be for Rob’s mom.

Toward the end of the week, our vanities and tub surround are going to be installed which means we will be able to get the plumbing completed after this point.  There’s still lots of painting to do including the bathroom cabinets.  Rob’s working on having those ready before the vanities are installed.  Also, the floors need to be installed.  Our tile was supposed to be in at the end of August but it’s still not here.  We have a large portion of our wood floors pile up in boxes in our dining room.  They are holding the rest of it until we go back and pick it up.  We’re supposed to be working on a punch list for the contractor before he’s done with his part.   

It is definitely coming together.  Feels more like a living area with each step along the way.

  There won’t be too many workers which actually works good for me because we are starting our new school year this week.   Glad we aren’t starting with quite as much traffic in and out.  It’s still going to busy with Labor day which means Daddy is home and will be doing work on the house so he might need some of the big boys.  One day this week, I have two boys who have an eye doctor appointment so we’ll see how much school work we get completed but at least we’ll get started.  September is proving to be a full month so it may be a slow start to school for the month!  We’ll see…


Jenn said...

It is looking great!!! I never would have thought what an extra air unit could add to a bill but we found out fast. I can only imagine what yours is like.

Tracy said...

YEAH!! Love the porch!