Monday, September 20, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 24

Ok, there’s not much to report this week!

The plumbers came two days but did not complete the job.  They put in the toilet and faucets in the shop bathroom, along with the faucets for the sinks and bathtubs in both bathrooms inside.  However, they did not put the two toilets in the inside bathrooms or do the digging to connect the shop plumbing to the house and sewer.  They may have been here around 4 or 5 hours total this week.  They are supposed to come back next week to finish.  (Side note:  two of their plumbers who do the trenching were in a car wreck so they are waiting for them to come back to work.)

Rob was able to get most of the tiles laid in the indoor bathrooms minus a few small pieces that need to be cut and the grout.  He will work on this as he has time.  There were enough tiles leftover that he may put tile in the shop bathroom, too.  We were going to just leave it concrete but the tile will make it much nicer.

The garage was measured but we haven’t ordered it, yet.   Our garage opening is now taller than standard garages since we had to jack it up to add support for the addition.  We’re thankful for the extra height because it gives us more clearance for our 15 passenger van :)  We had a couple of options so we needed to decide what we wanted to do.  Rob should get it ordered next week.

This means you will have to wait for before and after outside pictures a little longer because I think it takes 3 weeks to get it in.  Then, it will be installed.  So, maybe you will get one or two more updates.  Let’s see how much work gets done next week.


carlo said...

are you going to put tiles in the garage? what kind of tiles - ceramic (non-homogeneous) or homogeneous tiles? I am just concerned on the tiles that would be subject to such heavy load.

Jenn said...

I bet it is looking good now that tiles have been laid. How exciting!

The Munck Family said...

Excited that ya'll are seeing the end of construction coming, and that you have some time to rest and enjoy your new addition before baby arrives. Looking forward to the before and after pictures. We continue to pray for you all and he changes that are ahead.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! Or better yet,see it in person!

Give my love to the kids!!!

Cinnamon said...

Yes I can't wait to see pictures too!! Will the garage keep out the "crocs" hee hee