Friday, October 8, 2010

We’ve Got Water!

Last week, the plumbers completed connecting the addition plumbing to the sewer and the main water.  We now have running water and toilets to the shop and the house addition.  They came today and fixed a few minor issues so we are now waiting for the final inspection to be completed.

P9300056a P9300062a


They had to dig a lot deeper than they expected to find the subdivision sewer drain.  One of the plumbers had to actually do some digging by hand because the machine couldn’t do it any farther.  Plus, the One Call people didn’t mark our lines correctly and they almost busted the main gas line for the subdivision.

Can you see that black line above the plumbers head?  That’s the gas line!


P9300071 P9300072


P9300095a P9300097a P9300098a

This is your update for the week.  It is late because I had problem with my XD card.  It gave an error so I wasn’t able to pull any pictures.  One of the men at church had a program that was able to retrieve all of my pictures for me.  I was so excited because I thought I had lost all of them that were on the card.

The dumpster was picked up yesterday and the garage door is being installed today.  This means that the outside will look back to normally soon and that we will look more complete on the outside.  We still have the painting and floors to do so it will still be some time before we are finished with this project but it will eventually get done :)


The Munck Family said...

This was a great update, I'm thrilled for you all. I look forward to the outside pictures. Praying the rest of the indoor work goes smooth, and yay for water!

Hope your feeling well and taking care of yourself.

Jenn said...

The light at the end of the tunnel has been reached!!! Woo hoo!! Now just get that final inspection and you are through. :)

I can't believe how deep they had to dig for the plumbing line. I would have been majorly nervous standing under the ground like that.